About DigiDNA

DigiDNA is an independent software developer incorporated in 2008 under the name of DigiDNA Sàrl in Geneva, Switzerland. From this quiet city nested near the snowy Alps we write software with the pride and precision you’d expect from Swiss craftsmen.

We were first to release an iOS file transfer tool when the iPhone 1 came out in 2008, and have since evolved along Apple’s products and software. Our considerable knowledge of Apple databases and data transfer protocols give us more than an edge: we simply are the best at what we do.



We are committed to helping users make the most of Apple’s mobile ecosystem by providing efficient and innovative iOS device management solutions.


We believe Apple mobile devices have initiated major changes in the way people interact with technology. Our contribution focuses on providing simple ways to access and transfer data and media stored on these tiny computers we carry everywhere with us.

We develop our software and product with robustness and efficiency in mind to offer the best and most consistent user experience.


Our products proudly carry the Swiss Label. This marks our commitment to quality and guarantees that our products are made in Switzerland.

We always look forward. Our products and software are designed to evolve and innovate. We don’t solely adapt to our ever changing environment, we go the extra mile and keep thinking forward, for many many years to come.

We believe we can get better at what we do and deliver the best possible experience by constantly listening to our users’ feedback. We think it is OK to disagree, to be upset if things don’t go as they are supposed or expected to. We have opinions too and we share them on our blog.

We support ethical and fair business practices without compromise.